Anxiety Rings 

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The Benefits of Anxiety Rings 

Anxiety rings are stress rings that can have one or more spinning bands or beads you can move or spin and even ones where the centre band unfolds. They are also known as worry rings, meditation rings and fidget rings. Many people find them helpful for anxiety, stress, nail biting, ADHD and other unhealthy habits. These types of anxiety rings help with self-soothing. 

There are all diverse types of anxiety rings available and like your style it comes down to what helps you. The variety of metal, designs and charms is endless and there is an anxiety ring that would suit everyone. 

What is an Anxiety Ring? 

A spinner ring or anxiety ring is a type of ring that has a spinning band, chain or beads around the main body of the ring. The band, chain or beads can be made of varied materials, such as metal or wood. The spinning action of the anxiety ring helps to create a calming effect and is thought to have many benefits. These benefits include reducing stress and anxiety, can help with stopping habits such as nail biting and smoking, improving focus and concentration, and helping to ease ADHD and OCD symptoms. Anxiety rings are easy to use, just place on a finger and when the feeling anxiety, concentrate on rolling the beads or twisting the band and this motion will help relieve your anxiety.  

How does a Spinner Ring work? 

Rings with the centre band design have a small ball bearing inside them that rotates smoothly around the band of the ring. This movement can help to provide a calming sensation for those who may feel anxious, stressed, fidgety or need to do a bad habit such as nail biting or smoking by keeping your hands busy. For some people, the act of spinning the ring can also be therapeutic and help to focus the mind on the task at hand 

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How Anxiety Rings Can Help You 

Spinner rings have become increasingly popular in recent years to help people focus and stay calm. But what is the science behind these simple pieces of jewellery? 

There is some evidence that fidgeting can help improve focus. There are studies that have found that people who were allowed to fidget during classes seemed to pay more attention for longer and performed better on exams than those who were not allowed to fidget. 

Fidgeting may also help reduce stress. There are many studies that have found that people who used fidget rings reported feeling less stressed than those who did not use them. 

Fidgeting by a person in any small activity helps burn off a little bit of energy. Things such as twirling hair, tapping feet/fingers, wiggling in s chair or even clicking a pen. People with ADHD do better on tasks if given some sort of outlet to get their built-up energy out. There have been studies showing that in general someone with ADHD can fidget with something such as anxiety ring, they perform better on tasks. 

History of Anxiety Rings 

The history of anxiety rings can be traced back to ancient Tibetan times where they were used for meditation traditions. These rings were worn by both men and women in many cultures, and they were often used as a symbol of status or power not just for the relief of stress. In some cultures, spinner rings were also thought to have magical properties and were used as talismans.

Today, spinner rings are still popular and are worn for both fashion and practical purposes.
The spinning motion of anxiety rings may help calm the mind while concurrently increasing good karma and ridding of any bad energy within the body. “Wheel prayer” is the name given to this style ring by the Ancient Tibetan Buddhists.  

Which Anxiety Ring is Right For You? 

There are many distinct types of spinner rings available on the market, so how do you know which one is right for you?  

Here are a few things to help you choose the perfect anxiety ring:
1. Consider your budget. Spinner rings range in price from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, so it’s important to set a budget before you buy.
2. Think about the style of ring you want. Do you prefer a plain design or something more elaborate?
3. Choose a metal that will suit your lifestyle. If you’re active and tend to perspire, a stainless steel or titanium ring might be an excellent choice. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, gold or silver may be a better choice.  

Do Anxiety Rings Make Good Gifts? 

The short answer is, YES! 

There are many benefits to giving someone a spinner ring as a gift. A gift of a spinner ring can help to calm and focus the wearer during meditation/pray. The act of spinning the ring can be therapeutic and provide a sense of calm and relaxation for the wearer. An anxiety ring can also act as a reminder to stay focused throughout the day. Additionally, when the wearer uses the anxiety ring it will remind them of just how much you care for them. 

Why Buy an Anxiety Ring? 

Anxiety rings offer a unique way to show off your own personal style and are believed to have several calming benefits. Anxiety rings are said to help with nervousness and stress and are also a terrific way to stay focused on the task at hand. Anxiety rings may also help with stopping those unhealthy habits such as nail biting and smoking by keeping your hands busy. With so many amazing designs available, there’s guaranteed to be one to suit your style.